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Hadleigh Print Limited
Unit 7/8, Coolmine Ind Est.
Clonsilla Road
Dublin 15, Ireland

Phone: 01 821 5604
Fax: 01 821 2515
Email: info@hadleighprint.ie


What type of files do you accept?


A PDF -- Portable Document File -- retains the 'look and feel' of the original document with formatting, graphics, and colour intact. This is the format that most printers prefer to receive as an artwork file.

Hadleigh Print Ltd recommends www.pdf995.com

This software is available FREE from www.pdf995.com/download.html that makes it easier for you to produce PDF artwork. It can create a PDF from any application free of charge. Download the software, create the PDF and just email the PDF to us!

What is the most effective way to design a brochure?

  1. Define the purpose of the brochure: Is it for attention or simplicity? Do you want to grab the reader's attention or do you want them to easily understand a message?
  2. Simplify your message: Break down any long articles, simplify text by adding tables and charts.
  3. Use selective emphasis: Reserve emphasis for the most important parts of your message. Add visual contrast by using larger typeface or graphics.
  4. Keep the design simple: Use a few colours and fonts. Don't overdo it.
  5. Use a single illustration on the cover.
  6. Make your brochure worth keeping: Encourage the consumer to keep it handy.

Are your quotes inclusive of VAT?

No, all printing is subject to VAT at 21.5%. Exceptions are corporate annual accounts and some educational printing. You will be issued with an invoice to claim you VAT back.

Do you store my job on file?

Yes we do, just contact us and we will re-run your printing to your specifications! ...But make sure you have a backup of you own artwork!

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